Helpful Ways to Live a Healthier Life are Impossible.

From eating right and exercising to choosing health insurance, everyday decisions can make a difference in your health and your life. Health care providers are making changes too. Office hours are being expanded. Care is being coordinated. Help is being offered to manage your medications and chronic diseases. Even neighborhoods are working to make communities healthier. The plan to improve our state of health is a group effort. But it all starts with you.

Staying Healthy

You’re in charge. You’ll partner with your health care provider in your decisions. You’ll have access to your medical records 24/7. You’ll have better access to care in your neighborhood. And you’ll have a dedicated team who will coordinate with other doctors involved in your care, to keep track of your medications and to make sure your needs are met.

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Getting Insurance

You deserve to have health insurance. The Health Insurance Marketplace offers reasonably priced health care insurance for individuals who don’t have insurance from their employers or who haven’t been able to afford insurance until now.

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Better Doctor Visits

You’ll be able to make appointments with your doctor on nights and weekends. You’ll even be able to go online using your computer or phone to have a “virtual” appointment. Because we’re helping to transform medical practices, your doctor will have more time to spend with you, especially if you have a chronic disease.

What to Expect


By making sure you get the care you need—especially well visits to understand how to stay healthy—you’ll be able to get on course to a healthy life. Doctors will also have a way to track the care they provide you and will be paid based on good outcomes and results, rather than services. By keeping your quality of care up, costs will be kept down.

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Workforce Development

The way health care professionals provide care is changing. There will be a new system of caring for patients, which requires knowing the process. Those details are part of the new training that will take place. And because so much of patient care involves counseling, there will be more education on how to communicate more effectively with patients and their caregivers.

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