By making sure you get the care you need—especially well visits to understand how to stay healthy—you’ll be able to get on course to a healthy life. Doctors will also have a way to track the care they provide you and will be paid based on good outcomes and results, rather than services. By keeping your quality of care up, costs will be kept down.

Payment Model Changes

Physicians will soon be paid based on their results or outcomes rather than their services.

Health care providers are making the change to outcomes-based payment models. Providers will be “measured” on the outcomes using a balanced scorecard, which tracks how effectively providers are performing. For patients, the importance of this new payment model is that providers will be incentivized or paid for keeping patients healthy or well, rather than for just providing services to patients when they are sick.

Common Scorecard

The common scorecard tracks your provider’s performance.

The common scorecard is a way to measure or track how well a health care provider is performing in meeting specific goals that are tied to the new payment model. As a patient, you may become aware of new discussions your provider may have with you about your health—such as screenings you need. This is another way your provider will be improving your health, by staying on top of the important care you should receive.