Staying Healthy

You’re in charge. You’ll partner with your health care provider in your decisions. You’ll have access to your medical records 24/7. You’ll have better access to care in your neighborhood. And you’ll have a dedicated team who will coordinate with other doctors involved in your care, to keep track of your medications and to make sure your needs are met.

Healthy Neighborhoods

Communities are taking charge to take care of the people who live within them.

We’re creating healthy neighborhoods throughout our state, concentrating on four areas: healthy lifestyles, maternal and child health, mental health and addiction, and chronic disease prevention and management. Community leaders and other influencers will meet to decide how to make change possible, create a plan and sustain it over time.

Here’s how we will get started:

Readiness assessments

Readiness assessments will be performed to learn whether communities are committed to the change and whether they will support it over the long term.

Task force

A task force will be formed to support planning, coordination and funding.

Local councils

A local council will be formed to work with leaders to create awareness, conduct a needs assessment, prioritize needs, and develop a plan of action as well as a way to fund it through grants and other means.


Learning collaboratives will be conducted with other communities to share successful strategies.