Workforce Development

The way health care professionals provide care is changing. There will be a new team approach to care, which includes counseling patients, offering support to health care providers in new ways, and providing access to resources so that you and other Delawareans can get and stay well. Current health care workers as well as those who are just beginning to be educated will be involved in new training to make health care more effective and efficient—and better for every patient.

Health care workers will be trained to be better prepared for your current and future needs.

To keep you and all other Delawareans healthier, the people who are caring for you have to know how to work together to make your care match your needs. The kinds of improvements they will be trained to make include the following:

  • How to communicate with and counsel you
  • How to write reports by collaborating with others
  • How to improve their professionalism in the way they practice
  • How to navigate and access resources that relate to your care
  • How to make better care decisions
  • How to best use information technology, including electronic medical records

The new Health Professionals Consortium is set to launch soon!