Healthcare Insurance and SHOP

You can enroll your business to provide coverage for your employees at any time.

The New Health Care Law

What is SHOP?
An online Health Insurance Marketplace for Delaware small businesses and their employees.
Who is eligible for SHOP?
Small businesses with 50 or fewer Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees.
Who is eligible for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit?
A qualified employer must have fewer than 25 FTE employees. The average employee salary must be about $50,000 per year or less. The employer must pay at least half of the health insurance premiums. Insurance coverage must be purchased through the SHOP Marketplace.
How do businesses enroll?
Through SHOP’s online enrollment portal on .
Are business owners required to offer health coverage to employees this year?
In 2015, businesses with 100 or more FTE employees are required to provide health insurance coverage. In 2016, businesses with 50 or more FTE employees are required to provide health insurance coverage. Businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees are not required to provide health care coverage in any year.
When can businesses purchase health coverage?
Small-business employers and their employees can enroll in a SHOP-qualified health plan (QHP) anytime throughout the year. Employers who enroll by the 15th of any month will have coverage beginning on the 1st of the following month.

If you prefer to work with an agent or broker, you may do so.

Be sure to ask if the agent is certified to discuss Marketplace programs or .


ZIP Name SHOP? Individuals? Phone #
19801 John Allen
19801 Walter Allen
19804 Kimberly Amen
19702 Mercedes Banfill
19711 Charles Barba
19702 Walter Bishop
19713 Steve Blewitt
19809 Michael Brewer
19707 Ashley Buczik
19702 Mary Castiglione
19713 Thomas Cetola
19709 Henry Chinski
19806 Kevin Conners
19810 Richard Costello
19933 Harry D
19711 Nicholas Delia
19963 Angela Dorey
19973 Gloria Jane Drace
19809 Dennis Drake
19713 Ryan Dunn
19966 Sherri Eldredge
19904 Brenda Ensley
19899 Evan Evans
19713 Michael Fallon
19807 Marshall Ferguson, Jr
19703 Susan Flick-Narmore
19803 George Gioffre
19707 Lynne Gunter
21853 Karen Jill Hall
19945 Kaitlin Harper
19970 Duran Harrispeyton
19711 James Haubrich
19711 Andre Hoeschel
19803 Todd Hudson
19713 Dina Hughes
19966 William Husfelt
19806 Marsha Ingalls
19709 Howard Inman
19801 Chanel Jobes
19809 Barbara Kates
19720 Sandra Keele
19709 Ferdinand Kouemeni
19707 John Koziol
19713 Colleen Latch
19934 David Lewis
19702 Lamont Lewis
19702 Guy Lombardo
19808 William Marinelli
19975 Donald Mattingly
19807 John Mcdonnell
19810 Paul Mcghee
19971 Brian Mcmahon
19702 Frederick Mcminds
19808 Louis Memmolo
19803 Aaron Mitchell
19701 Markie Mitchell
19958 Clay Monroe
19702 Carissa Moriello
19702 Nicholas Moriello
19720 Robin Morris
19702 Stacy Mullin
19809 Patricia Myers
19810 Kamal Nayan
19966 Kimm Nureck
19801 Barbara O'Neal
19971 Jerry Oneill
19801 Connie Quailes
19808 Michael Reckner
19702 Joseph Ritter
19956 Mark Rubino
19713 Kim Sadowski
19963 Andrew Sammons
21921 Michael Saponaro
19803 Gilbert Scarborough
19808 Debra Shears
19711 Nancy Short
19720 Rebecca Simeone
19956 Jill Smith
19701 Paul Snipes
19713 Robert Sonchen
19904 John Still
19947 Ed Stracar
19904 Justin Strickland
19808 Adele Taylor
19938 Cory Thomas
19808 Theresa Vreken
19956 Scott Ward
19801 Keith Webb
19702 Carlene Whitsel
19810 Wayne Whittaker
19711 Anna Wood
19709 Darlene Wynne
19803 Randal Yoncha

    Tax Credit Eligibility

    • A qualified employer must have fewer than 25 FTE employees.

    • The employer must pay at least half of the insurance premiums.

    • Insurance coverage must be purchased through the SHOP Marketplace.

    If your business meets these requirements, then you are eligible for a tax credit that may equal 50% of your share of the premium. The tax credit is available for two years, and the businesses that will receive the highest credits are those with fewer than 10 FTE employees and average wages less than $25,000.

    5 Reasons to Participate in the SHOP Marketplace

    You’ll retain employees.
    When you give employees the benefits they deserve, they’ll be more satisfied, less likely to quit, and have higher commitment to meeting your company’s goals.
    You’ll save on taxes.
    Many small-business owners believe they cannot afford to offer insurance. But with tax credits available to small businesses through the SHOP Marketplace, this may no longer be the case.
    You can choose.
    At the SHOP Marketplace, you can compare health insurance plans and choose one that’s right for your employees, your budget, and your business needs.
    You’ll boost morale.
    Offering health insurance can enhance your employees’ feeling of belonging, providing them with a greater sense of value. Plus it shows your loyalty to them.
    Time lost is money lost.
    The SHOP Marketplace plans offer preventive care that can keep employees healthy and working. If employees don’t get preventive care and yearly physicals, you could see an increase in your healthcare costs.

    How the SHOP Marketplace Works

    The SHOP Marketplace basics

    • For Delaware in 2017, the SHOP Marketplace will serve businesses with 2–50 FTE employees.
    • If you already provide coverage to your employees, you can keep it.
    • Employers can continue to use their brokers to buy insurance through the SHOP Marketplace. Businesses with 100 or more employees will have to offer health care coverage in 2017 or make an employer shared responsibility payment .
    • Businesses with 51–99 FTE employees will not have to worry about offering coverage or facing a potential penalty until 2017.
    • Employees can choose not to accept employer-sponsored coverage and shop for coverage in the individual Health Insurance Marketplace . As long as your coverage includes certain requirements, employers will not be subject to a shared responsibility payment. Important: If the SHOP plan an employer offers meets certain standards of affordability and coverage, an employee won’t qualify for premium tax credits or other savings based on income if the employee buys a plan through the individual Health Insurance Marketplace instead.

    Are Your Employees Eligible for SHOP?

    • Employees must live in the United States.

    • Employees must be U.S. citizens or nationals (or be lawfully present).

    • Employees can’t be currently incarcerated.

    How do employees sign up for SHOP?

    Employees in Delaware will use a portal on the website to apply for coverage, compare plans and enroll. The Health Insurance Marketplace is open through January 31, 2017.

    As an employer, you will find tools on the website to help you:

    • Create an employee roster

    • Set up an employee email distribution list

    • Download the offer of coverage and distribute it to your employees manually