With your help, Delaware can become one of the five healthiest states in the nation. Increasing the quality of care and improving the patient experience will make that possible—which in turn will help to decrease costs. In Delaware, providers like you need practice support to make changes that will give you the edge you need to be successful.

You can position your practice for success.

In the future you will be paid for the quality of care, not the quantity. You can set up your practice for success—getting into the value-based pipeline early—with Practice Transformation. Although it will take some work to make the necessary changes, delivering patient-centered care will be rewarding. Best of all, the support to transform your practice is available at no cost to you.

“It will take work—everyone needs to buy into the process. But there are long-term benefits.”

Kathleen Willey, MD

Family Practice Physician, Quality Family Physicians, Hockessin

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