Frequently Asked Questions

What are the details of upcoming changes planned by Delaware payers?

Payers are transitioning to value-based payment models that will reimburse clinicians for more holistic coordination of care and link compensation to achieving defined and measurable goals related to access, continuity of care and clinical outcomes. Practice Transformation and care coordination will help prepare practices to adapt to and benefit from these new payment models.

What role does practice transformation play relative to care coordination?

Practice Transformation support will help practices implement care coordination and adapt to new value-based payment models.

How will I decide between practice experts?

Practice experts will conduct their own outreach to provide more details and answer questions on their plans for Practice tTransformation support. We are also providing a comparison chart both in printed form and at

What support will be available to clinicians for Practice Transformation?

Technical assistance through select practice transformation experts will be made available. Experts will provide a pretransformation assessment, a Practice Transformation support curriculum with learning collaboratives, in-person trainings, live webinars, recorded trainings, on-site coaching and a semiannual assessment against Practice Transformation milestones.

How does this opportunity fit into ongoing transformation efforts?

Practices that have already initiated their own Practice Transformation initiatives may use this Practice Transformation support to supplement those activities. Practices that have achieved NCQA PCMH certification will still be eligible for Practice Transformation support.

How, when and where do I enroll?

Practice sites will enroll directly with practice experts to indicate their participation in Practice Transformation support. Two to three waves of enrollment for Practice Transformation support are expected, with the first beginning at the end of 2015.

How do I enroll if I am part of an ACO/CIN?

Primary care practices may empower an accountable care organization, a physician organization, or a clinically integrated network or an affiliated hospital system to select a practice expert on their behalf. Regardless of who is enrolling, individual enrollment forms will need to be submitted for each physical site. Practices are encouraged to check with their affiliated ACOs, CINs or health systems for any guidance on a preferred practice expert.

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