How Will It Help My Practice?

Practice experts are ready to help you.

Experts who have worked with other clinicians to improve their practices will work with you to customize and implement a plan for your practice. Through a grant-funded contract with the state of Delaware, you will receive:

  • An assessment of your practice

  • A customized plan to build capabilities beneficial for value-based payment models

  • On-site support, coaching and training

“Our practices were able to move from episodic to more holistic care—we saw a 44% decrease in highest-risk patients utilizing care coordinators in our practices.”

Lara Hudson, RN, BSN

Manager, Clinical Programs, Nanticoke Health System, Seaford

Practice Transformation Milestones:

You’ll get support every step of the way in the form of peer-to-peer consults, in-person training sessions, live webinars, recorded training and on-site coaching.

Within 6 months:

  • Identify the 5 percent of highest-risk patients and highest priority of care coordination

  • Provide same-day appointments and/or after-hours access to care

  • Implement a process for following up after hospital discharge

Within 12 months:

  • Supply voice-to-voice coverage to panel members 24/7

  • Document sourcing and implementation plan for launching a multidisciplinary team working with highest-risk patients to develop a care plan

  • Document a plan to reduce ER overuse

Within 18 months:

  • Implement a process for contacting patients who did not receive preventive care

Within 24 months:

  • Implement a multidisciplinary team working with highest-risk patients to develop care plans

  • Document a plan for patients with behavioral health needs

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