What Is Practice Transformation?

Practice Transformation is a high-level change in clinical and operational process to help you care for your entire panel of patients, not just those who come to you for a particular need. It involves:

  • Team-based coordinated care, particularly for the highest-risk patients

  • Expanded access

  • Transitional care planning

  • Preventive care outreach

  • Behavioral health care coordination

If you have already begun to transform your practice, this initiative will help you move even farther ahead in improving how you work. You’ll know what to do to improve your practice and have people, on site, to help you make it happen.

“Most of us are doing these things already. This is really a way of standardizing the practice of good medicine.”

Diane Hemingway, MD

Primary Care Pediatrics, Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Dover

The Common Scorecard is a key component of Delaware’s strategy to promote the adoption of value-based payment models. DCHI has been working with payers to align the majority of measures in their value-based payment models with the Common Scorecard. The Scorecard consists of 26 quality and efficiency measures that drive high-quality, patient-centered and cost-effective care. Practice Transformation is designed to help your practice succeed on quality and efficiency metrics that are tied to incentive payments, such as those on the Common Scorecard.

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