About Choose Health

Change is necessary to improve how we deliver care and determine what we’re paying for it.

Dr. Kara Odom Walker, Cabinet Secretary, Delaware Department of Health and Social Services

Voices for change: “We are something like 30th in health care rankings, but we’re spending a lot for that care. We’re spending at a rate that puts us at third highest per person in the United States.”

We are working to improve care, reduce costs, and help Delawareans live healthier lives.

Choose Health Delaware is a movement to improve the state of health in Delaware.

We are working to accomplish that by:

  • Establishing a health care spending benchmark.

  • Making it a priority to get everyone insured.

  • Giving you information about choices you can make — including how to access services, how to be more proactive about your own wellness, and when and where you can find the appropriate care for a given situation — so you can make better health care decisions.

  • Helping health care providers transform their practices so that they can deliver high-quality care based on value rather than fee for service.