The Road to Value — driving change to make health care better for all of us.

Delaware spends more for health care than most states and is ranked 31st for overall health. That has to change. We’re working hard to put new strategies in place that will help slow the growth of health care spending, improve outcomes and how you receive care. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we reimagine health care in our state.

Governor John Carney

“We’re spending too much on health care and not getting the best results. We all need to come to the table to drive change.”

Governor John Carney

We need solutions that work for everyone.

  • Making prevention and coordinated care a priority.

    People should have access to services that keep them well, as well as better ways to manage chronic diseases.

    By having communities work with health care providers to promote services available in their neighborhoods — including behavioral health, chronic disease prevention and management, and healthy lifestyles — we can help people learn how to get and stay healthy. Better coordinated care between primary care doctors and other health care providers can help those with chronic conditions effectively manage them.

  • Improving how care is delivered and paid for.

    Improving how care is delivered and paid for in our state can make a huge difference in the quality and cost of our care.

    Health care providers should be paid based on how well they keep patients healthy — not just on the services they provide when people are sick. By determining how health care dollars are spent, we will be able to understand what we do well and what needs to be improved. By creating a Health Care Claims Database — which will tell us what patients are paying for care — we can track the growth of Delaware’s health care spending against the health care spending benchmark.

  • Making behavioral health services accessible.

    It just makes sense that behavioral health services should be provided whenever patients go to their primary care provider.

    Substance use disorders and mental health conditions that affect daily life should be identified as soon as possible to help people get the treatment they need. By having behavioral health specialists in primary care offices, we will better meet patients’ needs, helping them get care when they need it.

  • Improving overall access to care.

    No matter where they live, all Delawareans should have easy to access health care services.

    By establishing unique and effective ways to provide care, and by taking advantage of already established community services, we can provide better, more comprehensive care to people who live in areas where there are fewer health care providers. Adding to and improving our workforce and infrastructure can also help us strengthen primary care services throughout the state.

The Strategic Seven will get us where we want to go.

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