Delaware is establishing a health care spending benchmark.

Delaware’s per-capita health care costs are more than 27 percent above the U.S. average. Although our costs are high, our overall health ranking is low. The health care spending benchmark will drive changes to make care better while controlling costs. The quality of care will be improved by:

  • Paying for value
  • Educating Delawareans on how to make better health care decisions
  • Reinforcing healthy choices
  • Supporting improvements in primary care practices

Here’s why change is needed:

  • Third-highest health care costs in the nation

  • 30 percent of state budget goes to health care

  • By 2025, cost for health care to double

  • State has higher rates of chronic disease

  • Ranks 30th in overall health in the U.S.

  • Average age growing older faster than U.S. average